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Company Profile

After years of developing technology for digital surveillance systems, Hermes Information Systems Pty Ltd has expanded its business and is now trading as ‘Keycode Security'. With the company's new focus on integrated DVR solutions and strong background in hardware & software design, Keycode Security is an ideal partner in your business.

Over the past two years, the Australia and New Zealand markets have been well served by our products and services. Keycode's DVRs are highly rated in these regions.

64 Channels Real-Time System – A Shining New Product!

In 2005, Keycode has finally delivered what it has set out to do - to deliver a DVR capable of supporting a huge number of cameras. Our new NEXUS Real-Time Surveillance Systems can currently support up to 64 cameras, with an improved 128 channel model in the development stage. Combining TI's DSP chipsets and modern PCB technology, NEXUS is free from the risk of overheating.

In addition, NEXUS “Central Management Software” can monitor up to 500 DVRs and provides you with flexibility by allowing access via the Internet.

Standalone 4-16 Channels Real-Time M PEG4 System

The newly released KC500 standalone DVR series use hardware MPEG4/H.264 algorithm for video signal processing, and backup files into USB/CDRW media. Furthermore, its full alarm features make it possible to replace the alarm panel, reducing the need to spend money on investing in new security investments.

Well Trained Support Engineers

Keycode Security works with leading DVR manufactures to improve its products and services. For example, our specially trained engineers for Chateau products can support our VGuard Surveillance Systems in all areas. Keycode Security always strives to deliver local professional support in a personal and friendly way. We are your perfect partner in protecting your business.